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What is education?

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What do you think the education is? Is it to merely read and learn with books? Please share your opinion about education.
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Education is directly related to survival. 2015.06.24 20:11:10
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 Education is directly related to survival.


In the farming community they know how to farm and in the industrial society to know how to handle the machine. If you do not build a farm, you can not get grain, you can not handle the machine, it can not work in a factory. In addition, education is the most important point that can be whether humans and animals.



We do not train to see. 

We do not train to hear.

We do not train to eat.

We Do not receive the education that instinct.

How to using a spoon.

How to cross the crosswalk.

How to read the letter.

We learn the times. skill. and knowledge.

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What is 21st Century education?


Education is survival. 

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